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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of boats do you deliver?

We deliver all sized sailing and motor yachts on the water under their own power. They can be privately owned, commercial or charter vessels and we often deliver for yacht brokers and new boat owners. We deliver boats for owners who are too busy to make the trip, don’t care to make the trip alone or would like professional assistance. We also perform sea trials and pre-purchase inspections.

What is your experience?

We are experienced licensed U.S. Coast Guard commercial captains (Alex is a Master Mariner) with years of sea time. We are yacht owners ourselves and have done several Atlantic crossings. We have navigated the waters from Nova Scotia to Grenada on the western side of the Atlantic (East Coast US & Caribbean) and from Ireland to the Cape Verdes on Eastern Side of the Atlantic (West Coast Europe, Madieras, Canaries, Azores) and countless points between.

What is your training and qualifications?

Alex has a 100 GRT USCG Masters License with sailing and towing endorsements, and Daria holds a USCG OUPV Captain's License.

Will you perform the delivery yourself?

Yes. Not only do we manage the day-to-day operations but also actually perform most deliveries ourselves.

Does the boat need to be insured?

Yes. We require that the owner carry insurance on the vessel to be delivered and cannot do the delivery without insurance. Our insurance only covers liability and injury of our captains and crews. We will need a copy of the cover page of your policy showing the effective dates, boat identification and the Protection and Indemnity (P&I or Px) section of your policy showing that all crewmembers are covered by the policy. You should check with your insurance company to see if a hired Captain and crew are covered by your policy.

What does the delivery cost?

That depends on the type of vessel, time of year, weather, crew requirements and length of passage. Use 2-3 Euros per mile as a very rough estimate. Please fill out our estimate request form for a better idea of the costs.

You are responsible for all vessel expenses and transportation to and from the vessel. This includes:

  • Fuel
  • Berthing
  • Provisioning
  • Repairs underway
  • Travel & accommodation

Am I charged by the day or mile?

By the day.

How do I pay for this service?

You pay a deposit and advance for all transportation, vessel expenses, supplies, fuel and provisioning. We will keep an accounting that details all expenses incurred during the voyage. We will submit a final bill upon completion of the delivery. We expect the owner or representative to meet the vessel upon arrival to pay for the delivery with cash, certified funds, wire transfer or credit card (paypal).

What are your terms?

  • 10% Deposit to book a time slot.
  • Transportation, vessel expenses and provisioning paid up front.
  • Balance due upon arrival.

Am I charged for weather delays?

No. If we feel it is not safe to continue, we will stay at anchor or dock until conditions improve. We want to be fair and don't charge you for small delays.

Am I charged for mechanical delays?

Every situation is unique and will be addressed appropriately when the time comes. Generally we don't charge for small delays but if you lose the engine or major system and can't get parts or repairs for a week we'll stay on the boat and do something constructive like varnish the bright work and detail the interior and exterior while we wait and charge you a day rate.

What happens if repairs are needed along the way?

We will make repairs underway within our capability. Otherwise we will get to the nearest marina or repair facility and contact you immediately for your approval before any repairs are done.

What do you provide?

  • A professional captain, mate and necessary crew and arrange for their transportation.
    • You will be billed separately for expenses.
  • We will obtain all navigational charts and pilots if they are not already on board.
  • We have our own GPS’s, electronic charting systems, laptops and plotting instruments.
  • We will provision the yacht for the voyage, including food and fuel.
    • You will be billed separately for these expenses.
  • We will perform a pre-voyage inspection report of the vessel and its many systems along with digital photos of the vessel.
  • We will provide a full log and accounting of all vessel expenses incurred along the voyage.
  • We will complete all relevant clearance documentations, customs and excise taxes and port fees.
  • We will provide the owner with a position report and progress report daily.

Can I come along?

Yes, of course and it is encouraged. This is the best time to learn about your vessel's capabilities and improve your own skills on the trip.

What route will you take?

This depends on the type of vessel, time of year, weather conditions and owner preference. There is usually more than one way to a destination. Our first concern is for the safety of the vessel and those aboard her.

What condition does the vessel need to be in?

In a word, seaworthy and well found. This means clean fuel tanks, good sails, functional well running and maintained engine, adequate engine spares (i.e. fuel filters, belts, raw water pump and impellers, etc.), and adequate tools. Running and standing rigging in good condition, current flare kit, all PFD’s and fire extinguishers in good condition and non-expired. If you have any questions here, please contact us.

What needs to be onboard the vessel?

  • All USCG required safety equipment.
  • Charts and pilots for the area to be navigated.
  • Cooking and eating utensils.
  • Several spare fuel filters, spare engine parts
  • Tools
  • Spare lines
  • Fenders
  • A working VHF Radio
  • For ocean passages:
    • 406 EPIRB
    • Offshore Liferaft (in service)

What happens if my boat is not ready for the voyage?

When we come onboard, we will assess the vessel and prepare a written report of any deficiencies. You will be responsible for correcting these deficiencies before departure. It will be your decision whether we wait for the vessel to be readied, or we reschedule the delivery. Additional travel and accomodation expenses will be payable by you.

What happens if the vessel becomes unseaworthy or incapable of continuing safely?

We will immediately get to the nearest port and contact you.

How many hours are made underway each day?

This depends on the vessel and the route. On an ocean passage with our crews aboard, we will sail round the clock. On coastal passages we generally sail at least 12 hours a day and stop for the night. Of course, if the owner is aboard and desires to do something else, we are flexible.

Is a recent survey needed?

This would be ideal, but if a survey was done within the past two years we would like to have a copy.



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